If you're time poor (what mum isn't) then you'd know how much of a struggle it is to get yourself to a gym (what's a gym?). Well we've just found out that there is this magical place in Mornington where you can go and only workout for 30 minutes and it'll be the equivalent of an hours workout (we're calling witchcraft!) 

We spoke to Phang Pimlott, Co-Owner of New Heights Altitude Centre Mornington and found out a little more about her Training Centre and her brilliant amazingness of being a mum and a business owner (as well as a peninsula loving foodie)

Tell us a bit about you!
"I live in Red Hill with my husband, 2 kiddies and 2 dogs. We love going on family walks and bike rides along nearby horse trails and walking tracks. As a treat, we ride our bikes to Johnny Ripe and get some yummy goodies, the kids love the cronuts from there, and they have the best fish pies.
I enjoy cooking, online shopping, anything to do with fitness, love sampling desserts, having a wine and dining with girlfriends."
What do you love about living on the Peninsula?
"We are so spoilt on the peninsula, there is so much to offer. In the summer months we have so many beautiful beaches, my husband, the kids and I often visit Flinders beach as the kids love to do pier jumps, then head up the street to grab some ice creams.
There’s a huge choice of beautiful wineries to visit, a lot of which are kid friendly. Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm for strawberry picking, yummy scones and house made ice creams, and you can’t go wrong with the Belgian chocolate fondue."
Tell us a bit about this magical facility you've opened! 
"New Heights Altitude is a specialised training facility where we simulate high altitudes of 3,500m above sea level. In the past, it was only available to professional athletes, who used it to build up their endurance performance.
But in recent years, it has been made available to the public, and research has shown that training in a high altitude environment, we can get fit faster, acclimatise for hiking/trekking adventures, and it also has massive weightloss benefits.
When we workout in high altitude, our body is working 30% harder, burning more calories, getting rid of stored fats at a rapid rate. So increasing our metabolic rate and losing those extra kilos quicker. I’ve certainly reaped the benefits from it, losing those last 5kgs that just wouldn’t budge.
A 30-minute training session in high altitude is equivalent to a 1-hour normal workout. Awesome for those who are time poor.
Our first session starts at 5.30am everyday, our members use our facility in many different ways, whether its running their own programs on their chosen equipment for the 1 hour session, or joining in on the group classes including spin session, boxing and circuit work."
What should we do if we want to get involved? 
You can pop in to check out our facility, call us on 03 5976 7625, shoot us an email info@newheightsaltitude.com.au or check out our website www.newheightsaltitude.com. We also have a New Heights Altitude app via iTunes or Google play, just download it and book yourself in.
We hear you have a Friday traditions with fellow Red hill mums? Tell us about it.
"The Friday tradition with my fellow red hill mums started when we would go and do school help and it finished at lunchtime. We all convinced each other that we deserved to treat ourselves to lunch. And why not do it with the abundance of wineries surrounding us.
That’s how it began, it then became a weekly tradition, to see if we could do 52 wineries in 52 weeks. So every Friday, a few mums and I go out and have a winery lunch and enjoy a glass of wine. We have since covered quite a few wineries."
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