I don't know which is better? When someone compliments your dress and you can reply with "Thanks! Look! It's got pockets!"or when you can reply with "Yaaas! It was only $3.60 from the op shop!" With so many Op Shop's popping up on the Mornington Peninsula, it's hard to know which ones you'll truly snatch a fabulous bargain at! Sometimes you don't even know where your money is going. Well... have you heard of Tru Opportunity? No? Well you probably should check them out! This little gem of an Op Shop is located in Mornington (8 Frank St, Mornington) and gives all of its profits to a charity of YOUR CHOICE! 

I spoke to the lovely owner, Trudy, of this beaut shop to find out a little more about her and what makes Tru Opportunity so original!

Tell us a bit about you...

"I’m 44 years old, have three kids 12, 9 & 7, have lived in Mornington 9 years, married 16 years to a Yorkshireman. Have two Rescue greyhounds Belle & Bonnie. Am a scientist by trade. Up until starting Tru Opportunity I was a Product Development Chemist for Dulux in Protective Coatings."

How did it come about for you to open Tru Opportunity?

"My father passed away in Feb 2015. It was sudden and profoundly affected me. Made me question my life choices. At that stage I was working 12-hour Days, never seeing my kids or shift working husband, constantly mentally exhausted and unhappy. My one day of happiness for the week was the one day a week I volunteered at the Wilson Road Op Shop. After very serious consideration I thought to myself, why couldn’t I have that happiness every day? Do something positive? Help those who need it? Recycle and reuse as much as possible? So I did!"

Tell us about how op shops work?

"Our op shop is different. We accept donations for clothing and household goods from people as all op shops do BUT all those who make donations then get to nominate the charities we support. Last donation round we were able to donate $15,400 to 44 nominated charities- $350 per charity. We make donations ever 6 months thereabouts to make sure we have enough funds accumulated. After each donation we then wipe the boards clean and start taking nominations for the next round. We offer traditional pricing - affordable by all - with traditional values and service."

What’s the best and worst parts about your job?

"Best part of my day - taking the time to chat to and get to know my customers! Have met some truly amazing people I otherwise would not have been given the opportunity to meet, whilst raising funds for charities. Worst part of my day, sometimes not having enough volunteers to help spread the work load, makes me exhausted!"

How can we help?

"Spread the word! The more people who know about us, the more people that come and buy / donate / volunteer, the more people we can help! People struggle to find us in the industrial estate even with the small street signs, even after letterbox drops, newspaper advertisement, Facebook, Instagram, competitions etc, Once people find us, they will LOVE us and what makes us different!"

What donations are you in need of?

"We accept anything that is in good working order - no damage - clothing that is usable / sellable. Basically anything that you would buy yourself - great quality items. We do take furniture if we can fit it in. Things we don’t accept are doonas, sleeping pillows, bed underlay, computers, TVs, monitors, mattresses and white goods. What we can’t use ourselves from donations, we try to on cycle further."

Tru Opportunity is a great way to not only #supportlocal but to also get behind a charity you love! They have a kids play area too... so you can bring your kids and forget about them! BONUS! 

Trudy is also passionate about recycling and environmental conversation so a
ll cardboard/paper to recycled through the municipal tip, metal through Ants Metal Recycle and clothing through Australian/Victorian Clothing Recycler. 

Check out the full list of charities they support here and make sure you find the time this weekend to head down and snag yourself a funky find!

Tru Opportunity  

8 Frank St, Mornington, 3931
+61 401 693 103 (contact if you would like to volunteer)