Last week, we had the pleasure of inviting Gina Walters along to our weekly Photoshoot. This lady is an absolute ray of sunshine, a barrel of laughs and as a mother of 4 who does it all, she some how squeezes in time to create a YouTube vlog. From motherhood to electric skateboards, this chick has it covered! 

We wanted to know a little bit more about this lovely lady and share her story with you....

1. Tell us a little more about yourself and why you started your vlog?

Last year after having my baby I started my vlog on YouTube to document getting back in my pre-pregnancy jeans - as a way of keeping myself accountable! I was only wanting to share it with my friends at the gym - it has kind of evolved since then, and other people have started to follow my channel! It has turned into a vlog about my life and my thoughts and lots of other things aside from my pre pregnancy jeans! 

2. What's your favourite thing about living on the Peninsula?

I love the peninsula, and I feel grateful every day to live here. Some of the things I really love - the fact that I’m surrounded by beaches, beautiful places to walk and all the amazing cafes that serve some of the best food I have ever tasted. In my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m so proud to call it home. 

3. What do you love to do outside of your YouTube channel and Photography?

I have 4 children so when I’m not working (taking photographs - I am a professional photographer in my day job) and when I’m not making videos for my you tube channel, I enjoy spending time with them, exploring Australia and traveling. I am a keen writer and am currently working on a book. I also enjoy going to the gym, and drinking wine (not at the same time) 🤣

4. What can people expect when they subscribe to your channel?

My channel is an honest and real depiction of my day, of my family and of the people I meet.  I share my thoughts and feelings with the vlog about almost everything! I showcase the Mornington Peninsula, and share all the awesome things you can do here. 
The videos are upbeat and fun, designed to make you smile, make you think and to make you inspired!

If you haven't already, you most definitely need to check out and subscribe to her YouTube Channel 'Gina Walters' one of her latests vlogs is all about our photoshoot and stepping out of her comfort zone. 

Keep up with Gina on Instagram @ginavwalters!

We can't wait to see your face back in the shop soon! xxx