You can't deny that you have a favourite eyebrow. Well we've been seeing the incredible Linda at Linda Fox Brows, Skin, Body and we would marry both our brows now if we could! This lady is a flippin' god sent! She's making the world a more beautiful place one brow at a time. 

If you're like us, you over plucked your eyebrows like it was 1999, now they won't grow back and you're forced to draw them on everyday (we know the crooked eyebrow frustration). 

We wanted to share some brow and beauty knowledge with you from the lovely Linda, so you'll never have to have a bad brow day again.

How can we save our over plucked eyebrows? Haaalp!

Don’t despair! There is hope. I always like to try and give a client the best outcome with their natural brow before they choose to go down the road of microblading. It begins with a HD (High Definition) brow consultation ( this is my advanced course I trained in back home in Ireland ) to see what I’ve got to work with. I will advise client to begin with using the Eye Envy lash & brow growth serum packed with hair stimulating peptides and vitamin A and hyaluronic acid (aka liquid gold!) I will usually see an improvement on clients next visit! I would also advise to stop hopping around different beauty salons or shopping centre brow bars that charge $10 for brows. Quote “ I don’t do $10 brows, I fix them!" lol! I get a lot of clients coming in saying they started off with fuller brows when going to these places and have ended up with thinner sparse brows from over threading. So sometimes you have to pay a little more but with that you get expertise and guidance and good brows. My husband calls me “High maintenance" when he’s joking around, so my response is "high maintenance but high quality!" Similar with my brow work.

What is one skincare product you cannot live without and why?

Ooh so many to choose from!! I actually call myself a product junkie lol. My bathroom resembles Sephora but for me it's a great moisturiser. I use Immortal from the Australian owned O Cosmedics skincare. Its packed with vitamin C, resveratrol antioxidant, Co Enzyme Q10, shea butter and more. It nourishes and repairs my skin and locks in moisture am/pm.

What are your 3 top tips for maintaining the perfect brow at home?

1. No plucking in between appointments unless its a stray hair out on its own.
2. Being consistent with your Eye Envy Serum, using it daily!
3. Getting confident with using the brow makeup products I have advised you on to fill in your brows where perhaps you have small gaps or just yo gain a fuller look. Keep practicing and watch some YouTube tutorials on "How to fill your brows"

At Evergreen, we all know and love your work but how do other people book in to see you? (that's if we haven't filled up all the spots first!)

Most clients find me and message me through Instagram and Facebook page on or the good old fashioned way pick up the phone and ring. Sometimes this is the best way to ask as many questions as you like so you can get the best from your treatment when you come in. I am more than happy to answer all questions you may have. That’s my job and I love it. Also view my website to view the descriptions of what you may be considering to book in for and view the prices.

What's your go-to/favourite treatment that you offer?

My favourite treatment to do is Brows as its my passion, but having had many years in the spa industry, including Endota, I actually love to give an hour long relaxation facial, no peels, no machines, just the healing hands of your therapist. There’s a lot to be said on how great touch is for your being. I actually just go into the zone when giving facial massage, neck & shoulders and finishing off with scalp massage. Massage of the face increases blood flow and with that comes nutrients and oxygen to the surface of the skin and a general glow to the face. Pair all that with being cocooned in a heated throw ... Heaven!!

We also had the pleasure of inviting Linda in for our weekly photoshoot this week and man was she a natural! Absolutely rocking those greens! You can find her in our New Arrivals this week!

So if you've got an important meeting coming up at work, or you've got your kids school choir performance, Linda can make you look super interested! Contact her today on 0423 601 426 or head to her website to checkout her full range of treatments!